In 1986 SKID ROW breaks into the New Jersey scene. With the Metal/Rock attitude of the time but always demonstrating a compositional quality out of the ordinary thanks to its founders, Rachel Bolan and Snake Sabo, its eponymous album was an instant success.

Singles like “18 and Life”, “I Remember You” or “Youth Gone Wild” have crossed the barriers of genres and time, and they sound timeless and magnificent nowadays.

As Bolan explains, “the camaraderie of Skid Row’s main core has never failed.” For that reason, and thanks to the excellent vocalist ZP Theart, the band now lives its second youth and does not stop touring around the world. “The trilogy of United World Rebellion goes on with the sound of Skid Row. I know I’ll always be that 16-year-old boy who tries to emulate Ace Frehley or Michael Schenker in front of the mirror”, Snake says.

And at Rock The Night the legend of SKID ROW will return in a live show which promises to be spectacular!